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Welcome to the 2015-2016 School year!

This year there are two ways to educate your students with the Desert Dispatch.


Hooray for the E-edition! Not sponsored yet? Choose the E-edition of the Desert Dispatch, it's free! When you subscribe to the Desert Dispatch NIE E-edition, you get one username and one password for as many users as you need. (Everyone uses the same login.) Students can access the FULL EDITION of the Desert Dispatch newspaper from any internet-connected computer for in class assignments or homework.

Print Edition

Need the print edition? No problem! The print edition of the Desert Dispatch is available for any quantity for only $.38 per issue. How much will that be? Multiply the number of newspapers per week, by $.38, by the number of weeks of school. For instance, 15 newspapers per week X $.38 X 36 weeks of school = $205.20 for the year. If you need sponsorship, check the "Adopt-A-Class" box at the end of the application.

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