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Newspapers help students succeed

A NIE special story
Improving our students' education is everybody's business. The Newspapers In Education program (NIE) helps students succeed by providing practical applications of curriculum objectives, while sparking students' interest in the world around them through the use of the newspaper in the classrooms.

Newspapers In Education provides what the teachers need
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A NIE special
You can become a partner to provide this valuable educational tool to the local teachers and students who request it. NIE sponsorships are available for any budget. By partnering with Newspapers In Education, you are supporting literacy, education and citizenship in our schools.

NIE offers sponsorships for as little as $5.00 through our Donation page.
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Tips for reading the Newspaper with your child

A NIE special
Like many parents today, you may often wonder if you could do something at home to reinforce what your child learns in school. Experts agree that children learn best when parents are interested and involved in their education. Many parents have found that reading and looking through the newspaper with their children makes at-home learning both enjoyable and effective. Seeing a parent read the newspaper every day motivates a child to want to do the same -- read and learn. The newspaper can be both an inexpensive source of information for you and a rich resource for enjoyable learning activities with your child.

The following suggestions will show you how to use the newspaper to:
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