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How do teachers use the newspaper in the classroom?
Here are just a few ways.

World of Wonder- 4th grade and up.
This teacher's favorite is a full page
of color that teaches nature,
science and technology.

Shortcuts- 3rd grade & up.
A colorful half page that entertains as it teaches about science,
geography, animals, food,
history and holidays.

KidzBuzz- Educational drawings,
puzzles and writing prompts
for the lower grades.

Failure to achieve basic literacy has devastating effects on self esteem, social development, opportunities for advanced education, and meaningful employment. But when newspapers are readily available in the classroom, students are engaged and excited to read. Newspapers provide reading material at all reading levels, and encourage global and community awareness. The proof? Test scores. Newspaper Association of America statistics* demonstrate that state test scores can improve by as much as 10% when teachers have access to newspapers in the classroom.
* 2002 study Measuring Success.

Students learn real life skills when math teachers use the % off sale ads, home mortgage ads and graphs to calculate the cost of real life.

Science teachers use World of Wonder and the weather page.

English teachers use the newspaper to teach at every level. Younger students find verbs and nouns, older students write and speak about community politics and events.

Following sports teams around the country teaches geography, the fun way!

When children are engaged and having fun, learning is effortless.

Newspapers are an economical way to teach. The Daily Press provides educational copies at a heavily reduced price (less than cost!) to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world.

Here is what a few teachers have to say about newspapers in the classroom.

“Students love to get the newspaper! Every section relates to one of our subjects in class. Students get to apply the things learned in class to the real world. The newspapers help make learning come alive and is truly a priceless resource.”
~~Mr. Stephan, Apple Valley Middle School

“Because of the NIE program, my students have become more aware of today's issues than many adults. We use newspapers for a fact-finding warm-up activity everyday in English class to reinforce state educational standards which in turn helps achievement on state testing. This allows many student-citizens to develop into life-long readers of newspapers where they would not otherwise have that opportunity.”
~~Steve Lohmeyer, Granite Hills High School

“Many students in my sophomore classes last year became my junior students this year. The first question they asked was, 'Where are the newspapers?' That question spoke volumes.”
~~Monica Ortloff, Granite Hills High School


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